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Announcing our winter 2013 Installation

Announcing our winter 2013 Installation

We are excited to welcome 2013 with Deborah Aschheim’s THRESHOLD installation. Save the date for her artist reception on January 18, 5-7pm, and artist talk on January 19, 12pm. THRESHOLD will be on view from January 21 - April 12, 2013.

Deborah Aschheim is interested in the way cities, buildings and landscapes are haunted by layers of memory, and how we experience spaces via maps we construct in our minds.  Her installation for Suyama Space is a three-dimensional model of the space of forgetting and (mis)remembering. Giving sculptural form to the haunting of Suyama Space by objects she installed here thirteen years ago, she uses her memory of that installation as a conceptual blueprint for the current environment. THRESHOLD translates a memory of this space into an idiosyncratic, ghostly city, laid out in the footprint of (mis)remembered past, at once elusive, mutable, strange and familiar.

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