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'Seeking Higher Ground' recommended by The Stranger

'Seeking Higher Ground' recommended by The Stranger

Reviewed by Jen Graves in The Stranger, ‘Don’t Miss’ Patte Loper’s ‘Seeking Higher Ground’: “In one of the final installations ever to materialize at Suyama Space, which closes at the end of this year, Patte Loper offers two sides of a historical mess, the one we call Seattle. Referencing the early-20th-century adventure of the slicing off of downtown’s hills and the contemporary absurdity of blowing a tunnel the size of the sky out from underneath that same downtown, Loper uses construction materials, video, paint, and sculpture to evoke models of things that can never be built and yet won’t disappear. We are always Seeking Higher Ground. It is in the past, as in the holdout hills of homeowners, or it is in the future, as in the places we’ll run to when warm oceans swallow coastal lands. We are never now; we are always modeling. Here are the skeletons we pretend are living things.” - Jen Graves