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Suyama Space artist Gerri Sayler at Method Gallery

Suyama Space artist Gerri Sayler at Method Gallery

Method Gallery

“The geophysical history of the Northwest is a spectacular story. Repeated cycles of catastrophic glacial flooding and lava flows have chiseled and sculpted the basalt bedrock landscapes since time began. Inspired by the Channeled Scablands of her home in Eastern Washington, Gerri Sayler hand loops and clusters over 12 miles of sisal twine to create Intertwined- a fibrous, contoured environment.

Suspended from the ceiling and scrambling the wall and floor, the sculptures will inhabit the gallery space creating an immersive experience of intense tactility. The work will use fibers to invigorate sensory perception, inviting the viewer viscerally into the experience by revealing the story of its making. The labor-intensive handwork alludes to the body as landscape and time as an undulating loop of nature’s cycles—birth, death, and re-birth.

Gerri Sayler creates site-specific installations using fibers as sculptural media. Her work is inspired by landscapes she has known and loved—grasslands and wheat fields of Midwest prairies, hills and valleys of north Idaho where she lives, and most recently, the Pacific Northwest’s seasonal textures of water and ice.”